About Huwa


Brent Huwa

We Were Raised Right

Founders, Brent and Corey Huwa, were raised on their family’s farm and learned the importance the land was and that life starts with a great soil foundation. They apply these lessons every day at HUWA.

Our Word is Our Promise

A handshake is our commitment.
We complete projects with success and excellence.

Corey Huwa

Our People Make The Difference

The success of our company is built on a simple,
but vitally important model.
We hire good people, who attract more good people.

If you’re passionate, innovative, willing to learn and eager to teach

Safety is No Accident

When my brother and I started the company, we surround ourselves with friends and family, making sure everyone went home at night as healthy as how they arrived at work. We have many teammates now, and still continue a safety-first attention to this day.

We have been environmentally focused long before it was fashionable. It’s part of our DNA. In everything we do, we use.

Science & Technology to develop prescriptive solutions that ensure project success.

Our Core Values


Prioritize the well-being of every person.


Act with sincerity and without compromising the truth.


Invite open and honest conversation.


Take responsibility for our actions.


Show consideration for our employees, clients, and others.


Share responsibility and credit.


Be loyal to co-workers, clients, and vendors.


Honor and cherish our families.

We Don't Chase Work

Our approach is we must solve the client’s toughest challenges and problems to be a valued partner. We’re not interested in just working for someone, but working with someone who shares our values and appreciates our expertise and category excellence.